HST 034/035
Principles and Practice of Human Pathology

Term: Spring

Course Director(s): Scott B. Lovitch
Lecture: T/Th 9-11am; Lab: T or Th 11am-1pm (Begins 2/5/19)
Lecture: HMS: MEC 227; Lab: HMS: MEC SKILLS
Course Website:
7.05 or permission of instructor
Only HST students enrolled in specific degree programs may register under HST.034, graded P/D/F. Credit cannot also be received for HST 030/031.
MIT Units:
4-2-10 (G-Level Credit)
Harvard Units:
Harvard Course Equivalent: 
HBTM 200
Provides a comprehensive overview of human pathology with emphasis on mechanisms of disease and modern diagnostic technologies. Topics include general mechanisms of disease (inflammation, infection, immune injury, transplantation, genetic disorders and neoplasia); pathology of lipids, enzymes, and molecular transporters; pathology of major organ systems; and review of diagnostic tools from surgical pathology to non-invasive techniques such as spectroscopy, imaging, and molecular markers of disease. The objectives of this subject are achieved by a set of integrated lectures and laboratories, as well as a student-driven term project leading to a formal presentation on a medical, socioeconomic, or technological issue in human pathology.