HST 192
Medical Decision Analysis and Probabilistic Medical Inference

Term: IAP

Course Director(s): M. Brandon Westover, Pooyan Kazemian
T/Th 2-5pm
Tuesdays: MGH, 100 Cambridge St., Airport Conference Room, Suite 1600 Thursdays: MGH, 50 Staniford St., 401R, 4th floor conference room
Course Website:
Permission of Course Instructor; HST.191 recommended
Limited to 8; Preference to HST students.
MIT Units:
2-0-2 (G-Level Credit)
Harvard Units:
1 (NCE)
Teaches the essentials of quantitative diagnostic reasoning and medical decision analysis. Guides participants through the process of choosing an appropriate contemporary medical problem in which risk-benefit tradeoffs play a prominent role, conducting a decision analysis, and ultimately publishing the results in a medical journal. Topics include decision trees, influence diagrams, Markov decision models and Monte Carlo simulation, methods for quantifying patient values, Bayesian inference, decision thresholds, and the cognitive science of medical decision making.