HST 220
Introduction to the Care of Patients

Term: Spring

Course Director(s): Howard M. Heller
one session, see below (IAP) individually arranged Spring
E23-319 (IAP) 1/5, 1/8 OR 1/10
Course Website:
Permission of instructor
Elective subject for HST MD candidates only. Limited to 15.
MIT Units:
1-0-2 [P/D/F] (G-Level Credit )
Harvard Units:
2 (CE)
Provides an introduction to the care of patients through opportunities to observe and participate in doctor-patient interaction in an outpatient, office-based environment and through patient-oriented seminars. Students are exposed to some of the practical realities of providing patient care. Topics include basic interviewing, issues of ethics and confidentiality, and other aspects of the doctor-patient relationship. Requirements include regular attendance and a short paper on patient care.

IAP Schedule (attend one session)

Fri. Jan. 5, 2-4pm
Mon. Jan. 8, 8am-10am
Mon. Jan. 8, 10:15-12:15pm
Wed. Jan. 10, 11am-1pmĀ