HST 434
Evolution of an Epidemic (Study Abroad)

Term: IAP

Course Director(s): Howard M. Heller, Bruce D. Walker
Dates: 1/15 - 27 – Durban, South Africa
Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa
Application Required. Limit 20. Must have passport. If non-US passport must be eligible to obtain visa to enter South Africa if needed.
MIT Units:
3-0-1 P/D/F (N-Level Credit)
Harvard Units:
Examines the medical, scientific, public health and policy responses to a new disease, by focusing on the evolution of the AIDS epidemic. Begins with a review of how this new disease was first detected in the US and Africa, followed by the scientific basis as to how HIV causes profound dysfunction of the body’s immune defense mechanisms, the rational development of drugs, the challenge of an HIV vaccine, and how public health and policy decisions have influenced the course of the global epidemic. Class conducted in Durban, South Africa by MIT instructors. Sponsored by IMES, HST, MIT Medical, MISTI-South Africa Program, and the Ragon Institute. Open to all majors. Enrollment determined by application process, limited to 20.



Application: https://forms.gle/uEwSktixMYbyJkJq5

In three short paragraphs, please describe your background, including year/major, reasons for wanting to participate in the course, and what you believe you will bring to the course. 

Due: October 18, 2019