HST 541
Cellular Neurophysiology and Computing

Term: Fall

Course Director(s): Jongyoon Han, Thomas Heldt
Lecture: M/W 11am-12:30pm; Lab: TBA; Recitation: T 12pm or 4pm
Lecture: MIT: 32-124; Lab: MIT: TBA; Recitation: MIT: 35-310
Course Website:
Physics II (GIR); 18.03; 2.005, 6.002, 6.003, 6.071, 10.301, 20.110, or permission of instructor
Meets with undergraduate subject 6.021J. Requires the completion of more advanced homework problems and/or an additional project.
MIT Units:
5-2-5 (G-Level Credit)
Harvard Units:
Integrated overview of the biophysics of cells from prokaryotes to neurons, with a focus on mass transport and electrical signal generation across cell membrane. First third of course focuses on mass transport through membranes: diffusion, osmosis, chemically mediated, and active transport. Second third focuses on electrical properties of cells: ion transport to action potential generation and propagation in electrically excitable cells. Synaptic transmission. Electrical properties interpreted via kinetic and molecular properties of single voltage-gated ion channels. Final third focuses on biophysics of synaptic transmission and introduction to neural computing. Laboratory and computer exercises illustrate the concepts. Students taking graduate version complete different assignments.