Special Subject. Construction Sets for Health: Affordable Care Solutions

Group study of subjects related to health sciences and technology not otherwise included in the curriculum. Prerequisites may vary by topic; consult faculty at time of offering. The disparities in affordable healthcare technology are a growing part of increasing healthcare costs globally. This course aims to teach affordable prototyping and design strategies for health technology and medicine that can be applied to improve patient care in a variety of settings: both low-income and high-income economies, at patients' homes and in hospitals. Using Patient-Generated Data Devices as a learning model, students will design affordable devices that are used by patients to manage their health. Using Construction Sets for Health as a strategy, students will explore the diversity of possibilities that can be applied when patients are empowered to design their own solutions. Students will participate in a team project in one of four design/mentor tracks, supported by lectures and hands-on labs. Design tracks will cover four elements:-Casual Diagnostics -Accessible Diagnostics-Rural, Global Health & Austere Environments-Home Care Sponsored by MIT-SUTD Collaboration

Not Offered IAP 2018.