IMPORTANT NOTES regarding preclinical subjects (HST.011-HST.200)*:

Students not enrolled in an HST program are limited to two HST preclinical courses and must provide justification for enrolling in these courses.  This action must be approved by the course director and the student’s advisor.

These subjects are scheduled according to the Harvard Medical School academic calendar, which differs from the MIT calendar. Students whose graduation depends upon completing one or more of these subjects should take particular care regarding the schedule.

*HST.141, HST.163 & HST.198 are NOT included in the two course limit.

Download pre-clinical course calendar


Academic Year 2018-2019

HST 010/011
Human Functional Anatomy

Fall: L. Gehrke

HST 015
Matlab for Medicine

Summer: M. P. Frosch

HST 020/021
Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology

HST 030/031
Human Pathology

HST 034/035
Principles and Practice of Human Pathology

Spring: S. B. Lovitch

HST 040/041
Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis

HST 060/061

Spring: W. M. Kettyle

HST 070/071
Human Reproductive Biology

HST 080/081

Spring: E. J. Benz

HST 090/091
Cardiovascular Pathophysiology

HST 100/101
Respiratory Pathophysiology

Spring: E. Roche, C. Hardin

HST 110/111
Renal Pathophysiology

Spring: M. Y. Yeung

HST 120/121

HST 130/131

HST 140/141
Molecular Medicine

HST 146/147
Biochemistry and Metabolism

HST 150/151
Principles of Pharmacology

HST 160/161
Genetics in Modern Medicine

HST 162/163
Molecular Diagnostics and Bioinformatics

HST 164/165
Principles of Biomedical Imaging

HST 175/176
Cellular and Molecular Immunology

HST 190/191
Introduction to Biostatistics

HST 192
Medical Decision Analysis and Probabilistic Medical Inference


HST 194
Clinical Epidemiology

Spring: M. Hernan

HST 196
Teaching Health Sciences and Technology


HST 198
Independent Study in Health Sciences and Technology


HST 199
Research in Health Sciences and Technology


HST 200
Introduction to Clinical Medicine

HST 201M
Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Medical Engineering I

HST 201W
Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Medical Engineering I

HST 202M
Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Medical Engineering II

HST 202W
Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Medical Engineering II


HST 211
Biomedical Inventions: Clinical Introduction

Not Offered: IAP 2019

HST 212
Biomedical Inventions: Clinical Experience and Selected Success Analysis

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 220
Introduction to the Care of Patients

Spring: H. M. Heller

HST 240
Translational Medicine Preceptorship


HST 300M.11
Mount Auburn Hospital Anchoring Clinical Experience

Spring: A. V. Chabrerie

HST 312
Clinical Reasoning Through CPCs

Spring: T. N. Byrne

HST 420
Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology

HST 426
Maker Lab: Creating Technologies to Re-invent Health Care


HST 431
Infections and Inequalities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health

HST 434
Evolution of an Epidemic (Study Abroad)

HST 450
Biological Physics

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 452
Statistical Physics in Biology

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 460
Statistics for Neuroscience Research

Spring: E. N. Brown

HST 500
Frontiers in (Bio)Medical Engineering and Physics

HST 504
Topics in Computational Molecular Biology

Spring: B. Berger

HST 506
Computational Systems Biology

Spring: D. K. Gifford

HST 507
Advanced Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution

Fall: M. Kellis

HST 508
Evolutionary and Quantitative Genomics

HST 514
Sensory-Neural Systems: Spatial Orientation from End Organs to Behavior and Adaptation

Spring: F. Karmali

HST 515
Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering

Spring: D. J. Newman

HST 516
Sleep and Circadian Clocks: from Biology to Public Health

HST 518
Human Systems Engineering


HST 522
Biomaterials: Tissue Interactions

HST 523
Cell-Matrix Mechanics

Not Offered: Fall 2018

HST 524
Design of Medical Devices and Implants

HST 525
Tumor Microenvironment and Immuno-Oncology: A Systems Biology Approach

Fall: R. K. Jain

HST 526
Future Medicine: Drug Delivery, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics

Not Offered (Spring 2020)

HST 527
Blood Vessels and Endothelial Phenotypes in Health and Disease

Not Offered (spring 2020)

HST 531
Medical Physics of Proton Radiation Therapy

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 533
Medical Imaging in Radiation Therapy

HST 535
Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration

HST 537
Fluids and Diseases

Spring: L. Bourouiba

HST 539
Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Science in Human Health & Disease

Spring: A. K. Shalek

HST 540
Human Physiology

HST 541
Cellular Neurophysiology and Computing

Fall: J. Han, T. Heldt

HST 542
Quantitative Systems Physiology: Organ Transport Systems

Spring: R. G. Mark, T. Heldt

HST 552
Medical Device Design

HST 560
Radiation Biophysics

Spring: R. Gupta

HST 562
Pioneering Technologies for Interrogating Complex Biological Systems

Spring: K. Chung

HST 563
Imaging Biophysics and Clinical Applications

HST 565
Medical Imaging Sciences and Applications

Fall: G. El Fakhri

HST 576
Topics in Neural Signal Processing

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 580
Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction in MRI

CANCELLED: Fall 2019

HST 582/482
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

HST 583
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis

HST 584
Magnetic Resonance Analytic, Biochemical, and Imaging Techniques

Not Offered: Spring 2019

HST 590
Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series

Fall: J. Behrens
Spring: J. Behrens

HST 598
Research in Health Sciences and Technology


HST 599
Research in Health Sciences and Technology


HST 712
Laboratory on the Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech

Not Offered (Spring 2020)

HST 714
Acoustics, Production and Perception of Speech

HST 716
Signal Processing by the Auditory System: Perception

Not Offered: Fall 2018

HST 718
Anatomy of Speech and Hearing

HST 721
The Biology of the Inner Ear

HST 723
Audition: Neural Mechanisms, Perception and Cognition

HST 725
Music Perception and Cognition

NOT Offered Spring 2019

HST 728
Automatic Speech Recognition

Spring: J. R. Glass

HST 914
Frontiers in Therapeutics and Drug Delivery

Not Offered: Fall 2018

HST 916
Case Studies and Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development

Spring: A. Wood

HST 918
Economics of the Health Care Industries

Spring: J. Doyle

HST 920
Principles and Practice of Drug Development

HST 936-938
Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care

HST 940
Bioinformatics: Principles, Methods and Applications

Not Offered (Spring 2019)

HST 950
Biomedical Computing

Not Offered: Fall 2019

HST 953
Collaborative Data Science in Medicine

HST 956
Machine Learning For Healthcare

HST 962
Medical Product Development and Translational Biomedical Research

Spring: M. J. Cima

HST 971
Strategic Decision Making in the Life Sciences

HST 972
Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs Proseminar

Spring: R. J. Cohen

HST 973
Evaluating a Biomedical Business Concept

Fall: R. J. Cohen

HST 978
Healthcare Ventures

Spring: Z. Chu, M. L. Gray

HST 980
Emerging Problems in Infectious Diseases

First Year Seminar: Quantitative Biology

Fall: L. A. Mirny

Special Subject. Construction Sets for Health: Affordable Care Solutions

Not Offered: IAP 2018

Special Subject: Introduction to Closed-Loop Control for Physiological Systems

Music Psychology Seminar

Spring: P. A. Cariani

Innovating for Mission Impact: X

Graduate Thesis


Undergraduate Research in Health Sciences and Technology


Undergraduate Research in Health Sciences and Technology