Deadlines for Financial Support

In order to receive stipend and tuition benefits associated with a Fellowship, Research Assistantship, or Teaching Assistantship, students must complete an HST Financial Support form.
Dates below are the last day completed forms may be submitted. Students are urged to return forms at least one to two months before these dates for multiple reasons.
  • Tuition and insurance charges for MIT PhD students assessed prior to the start of the term. Students may incur late fees when funding is not processed in timely manner.
  • Off-campus RA support takes longer to process due to billing, details posted here.
  • Paycheck gaps may occur due to delayed processing. This is more pronounced in the spring since January is split between fall (Sept. 1 - Jan. 15) and spring term (Jan. 16 - May 31).
MIT issues paychecks on a semi-monthly basis, you can learn more about your MIT paycheck at https://vpf.mit.edu/personal-payroll-activities
Summer 2019: May 24, 2019
Fall Term 2019: August 23, 2019
Spring Term 2020: January 24, 2020
Summer 2020: May 22, 2020