Procedures for Financial Support

Each HST student has individualized funding support and associated requirements. Given the diverse funding sources, students should understand their individual circumstance and communicate their situation to their research supervisors. 
Laurie Ward is available to consult with students on issues surrounding financial support. In general, MD students should consult with the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Financial Aid Office regarding their situation.
Students who receive funding in the form of a scholarship or external fellowship should provide award details to Laurie Ward (laurie@mit.edu) so she may assist with timely processing and tracking of your funding.

1. Financial Support Forms

The appropriate application form (below) must be completely filled in by the student and, where noted, by the research supervisor. Forms are submitted to Laurie Ward in E25-518 by the posted HST deadlines
An application form must be submitted every semester (fall, spring, summer), if the funding source will remain constant across terms one form may be submitted in June or September for multiple semesters. The exception to this is students appointed to the Neuroimaging Training Program (NTP) institutional training grant, one fellowship form will be submitted for the full year plus the required NIH appointment form. MIT Institute rates change annually on June 1, new forms are submitted beginning each summer term.

2. Other Requirements

Before your funding is processed, we will confirm you have complied with the following requirements:

3. MIT Employment requirements

All HST students must complete MIT employment forms when they first enroll in HST and/or upon returning from a leave of absence. 

4. Confirmation of financial award

When all requirements have been met and your graduate funding is processed at MIT, you will receive a Graduate Appointment email from the automated MIT system. This is confirmation that your financial award has been successfully submitted to MIT Payroll and/or Student Financial Systems (SFS).  
If you submitted your form and complied with the requirements described above in a timely manner, your financial support should be processed by the start of each term. Exceptions may occur with off-campus RAs, due to billing issues detailed below. If you do not receive a Graduate Appointment email in the expected timeframe, please contact Laurie Ward (laurie@mit.edu).

5. Essential details for timely processing of Off-Campus RA appointments

HST requires direct payment or a guarantee of payment receipt before we will process an off-campus RA appointment. Students with off-campus RAs are advised to initiate the process 1-3 months in advance of the term if they wish to receive their monthly stipend on time.
Billing information is provided on the funding form by the PI or his/her designated billing contact.  Students are responsible for confirming that the Billing Contact information is provided, accurate, and legible.
The three options for payment are:
1) Purchase Order number (PO#): Institutions may provide a PO# to guarantee payment directly on form. HST sends a direct invoice including the PO#, payment is expected during the term and RA appointment is processed simultaneous to billing. 
Students using this mechanism are advised to intiate the process at least 1-2 months before the start of the term. In our experience, it can take several weeks for an institution to issue a PO.
2) Send Invoice or Check Request: HST sends a direct invoice, the billing contact is responsible for submiting a check request according to their institution's standard procedure. The RA appointment is processed at MIT once we receive a check or a written, acceptable guarantee of payment. Acceptable guarantees of payment include either a copy of the submitted check request (at Partner's Healthcare this is known as the Voucher Barcode Report) or PO# created after funding form submitted.
We recommend students begin this process at least 1-2 months prior to the start of the term. There can be up to a 45-day delay between the submission of a check request and payment received by HST. Plan accordingly!

3) Billing Agreement: This method is designated by the PI or his/her financial administrator and is most common when support comes from a federal source. Billing agreements involves staff from multiple offices at both institutions and lengthen the time to establish payment.

Students who anticipate this type of billing are advised to submit their form at least 2-3 months prior to the start of the term.

Student stipends are paid by MIT on the last business day of each month. If a committment/payment is received before the published MIT monthly payroll deadline the RA appointment will be processed and stipend paid on time at the end of the month. If payment is delayed beyond the monthly cutoff date, the appointment will be processed at MIT and the student will receive his/her stipend retroactively in the next scheduled monthly payroll cycle. If there is a financial hardship, contact Laurie Ward to disucss.
Please feel free to contact Laurie Ward (laurie@mit.edu) if you have any questions.