MD Research Assistantships

MD Students are eligible to be appointed as Research Assistants (RAs) at MIT.
  • A Standard RA devotes significant effort to his/her research project while maintaining a full academic course load. Normally conducted during the spring of first year, summer and fall of second year of MD program.
  • An Extended RA is obligated to commit a majority of his/her total effort to research and must correspondingly limit academic courses (no more than two regular courses). Normally conducted after second year of MD program when student takes a year off in between pre-clinical and clinical work to do full time research. This will increase the time needed to obtain the MD degree, but will contribute to reducing the costs of the program. Extended RA appointments are typically for one or two full semesters. Students interested in pursuing an MD RA for a shorter period must discuss their plans with Laurie Ward before the financial support deadline of the corresponding semester.
In order to receive funding, students must follow these steps:
1. Sign up for the following two courses
Register at MIT for HST 199 (Research in HST) for 10 research units each semester for which RA funding is requested.
Register at HMS for HT199 in order to receive academic credit for research work.
2. Submit an MD Research Assistantship application form signed by the research supervisor. Be sure to follow the procedures described here.

Funding forms received by the published deadline will receive full funding. Forms received up to one month past deadline will receive 75% of the funding support. No funding will be processed for forms received one month after the initial deadline.

3. Ensure that the research supervisor submits his/her written evaluation at the end of each semester in order to receive academic credit.
NOTE:  You will be charged and MUST personally pay the MIT Graduate Student Life Fee every semester you have an MIT appointment that includes a tuition benefit. This fee is paid through WEBSIS. Tuition support is initially charged and credited through your MIT account, at the end of the semester it is transferred from MIT to Harvard. Credit will appear on your Harvard account by the end of the term.