Information for Graduates

Congratulations! We are all very proud of you and look forward to seeing you on May 31. The following is important information for RSVPing, what to wear, where to go, and what to expect:

1. RSVP by Monday, May 6. [Select EDIT Tab on your user profile and complete Graduation Information.  If you do not see the Graduation Section on your profile, please email hst-graduation@mit.edu]

2. Please arrive at 3:00 pm at the Media Lab, Building E14, 6th floor on the MIT campus on May 31.  A class picture will be taken around 3:15 pm. Our celebration program begins at 3:30 pm. Graduates will have reserved seating in alphabetical order at the front of the hall. The program includes remarks by the Directors, other dignitaries, the student speaker and distribution of gifts to each candidate. The formal program will be followed by a reception.

3. Information about caps, gowns, and hoods:

Caps, gowns, and hoods are not expected at the HST Graduation Celebration.

Students receiving an MIT degree will hear from the Commencement Manager in the Registrar's Office regarding how to rent a cap and gown from the MIT Coop. Harvard graduates will receive information from the Student Affairs office about obtaining caps and gowns at the Harvard Coop. Information about renting and purchasing regalia can be found at the MIT Commencement website and at the Harvard Commencement website.

For MDs and PhDs, a hood is part of the traditional regalia in addition to cap and gown. The hood is a stole that is formally installed over your head and shoulders; hoods are black and lined with the color or colors of the institution conferring the degree, with velvet trim signifying the subject of your degree.

MD students and Harvard PhDs obtain hoods when renting their caps and gowns at the Harvard Coop.

MIT PhDs will receive their hoods at an MIT hooding ceremony on Thursday, June 6 (please note that Harvard does not conduct a separate hooding ceremony for its graduates). You should plan to bring your hood with you to MIT Commencement on Friday, June 7

4. Paper tickets are not used for HST's Graduation Celebration. Simply check in at the Registration table on the 6th floor of the Media Lab Building E14 on HST Graduation Day; your names will be on the RSVP list.

5. If you do not plan to go to HST Graduation, please let us know via the RSVP mechanism above.