MEMP Admissions

Important Deadlines and Dates:

Application Procedures

A MEMP candidate must have completed at least a baccalaureate degree in engineering or physical science. Successful candidates will have demonstrated a sustained interest in applications of engineering and physical science principles to biology or medicine through courses, research, and/or industrial experience. 
MEMP candidates may choose to apply through MIT, Harvard or both. Those applying to MEMP through Harvard must apply to either the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) or the Program in Biophysics.
GRE general test scores are required of all MEMP applicants. To send GRE scores to HST, use ETS codes 3514 (institutional code) and 0699-Health and Medical Sciences (departmental code).
Either a TOEFL or IELTS score is required for all non-native English speakers, even if the candidate received an undergraduate or masters degree from a U.S. institution. This requirement is waived for candidates whose secondary (high school) education was conducted in English. When submitting TOEFL scores, use codes 3514 (institutional code) and 99 (departmental code). For IELTS score reports, no code system is used; only the name of the department (Health Sciences and Technology) is required.

Applying to MEMP through MIT

Applicants to MEMP through MIT should use the MIT online application. The site opens on August 1 for new applications.
The default program designation for the majority of our applicants is "MEMP/No Training Program". If you are interested in one of our Training Programs, please select the appropriate one within the Application Information, Program drop down menu.

Applying to MEMP through Harvard University

Prospective students applying to MEMP through Harvard apply via the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for either:
  • The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) or
  • Biophysics, a program participating in Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS). For specific information on admission to MEMP at Harvard Biophysics contact Dr. James Hogle (james_hogle@hms.harvard.edu)
After the Harvard application has been submitted online, candidates must provide HST with a copy of the final application either by:
1. Sending a scanned PDF copy to hst-adms-team@mit.edu; or 
2. Mailing a hard copy to:
HST PhD Admissions 
MIT E25-518
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Once we receive the completed GSAS application, we will make arrangements directly with staff at Harvard to obtain copies of submitted letters of recommendation.

Supporting Documents

All applicants will submit a scanned transcript as part of their online application.  Candidates who are invited to interview will be asked to arrange for an official transcript to be sent directly from each school attended. Please do not send hard copies of transcripts until you are prompted to do so.
HST PhD Admissions
MIT E25-518
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Please do not send copies of journal articles, certificates of graduation, completion of programs, or photographs; this material will not be used in application reviews.

MEMP Training Programs

In addition to the regular MEMP program, HST offers two specialized training programs within MEMP:
MEMP applicants through MIT may optionally select a training program of interest in the online application. MEMP applicants through Harvard should indicate their interest in a specific training program in their statement of purpose. 
For more information on admission to MEMP contact: