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Online Stationery Orders

Use instructions below to place orders for HST and IMES business cards, letterhead, envelopes and notepads.  We've worked with Ambit Creative Group to create templates that allow you to easily and accurately customize each product.

Most students will use the Self-Pay Option for ordering business cards.

HST and IMES Business Cards – Self-Pay (credit card)

Primarily for students and post-doctoral appointments (and others affiliated to HST) who will be paying with a credit card. 

Orders through this catalog will be routed to the HST department to confirm HST/IMES affiliation.

Products in this catalog:  Business cards only.


HST Catalog:   mithst.myprintdesk.net/dsf


IMES Catalog:  mitimes.myprintdesk.net/dsf

  1. Select Login in upper right corner
  2. Login or Register as a New User
  3. Select Business Card Template with the "Buy Now" button
  4. Personalize card
  5. Preview Order before adding to cart
  6. Add to cart
  7. Proceed to Checkout
  8. Select Shipment Type: Deliver to HST Academic Office @MIT (E25-518) or @HMS (TMEC 213)
  9. Proceed to Payment and Place Order
  10. Order will be routed to HST/IMES department office to confirm affiliation


HST and IMES Stationary/Business Cards – Departmental Payment

HST and IMES Faculty, Staff, Researchers and Students who are authorized to order via an MIT departmental account.

Products in this catalog include: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Mailing Labels


  1. With MIT Certificates logon to: buying.mit.edu
  2. Under "Shop Online" heading, select Ambit Creative Group
  3. Scroll down to either HST or IMES product catalog
  4. Select Product Template with the "Buy Now" button
  5. Personalize Product
  6. Preview Order before adding to cart
  7. Add to cart
  8. Select Cart in upper right corner and Proceed to Checkout
  9. Proceed to Payment and Place Order