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Podcast Featuring HST Alumni David Goodman and David Shaywitz

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

David Goodman (MD ’93) and David Shaywitz (PhD ’97, MD ’99)—former anatomy lab partners—reminisce about their time as HST students, among other things.

After his second series of medical school rejections, biomedical engineer David Goodman found his way to a nascent medical device company seeking to develop an easy way to measure oxygen levels in the blood. The result—the Nellcor pulse oximeter—transformed medical care. It also earned David a coveted spot in the Health Science Technology (HST) program at Harvard Medical School, and launched him on a storied career of healthcare entrepreneurship. And motorcycle ridership.

David playing doctor


Join David Shaywitz and I as we talk with the other David about his journey, his influences, his companies, including his newest venture, Feet First, and hear how the son of a Westchester dentist—this one not named Zuckerberg—made a name for himself in Silicon Valley. 

Click here to listen to the podcast: http://venturevalkyrie.com/new-tech-tonics-podcast-david-goodman-roars-into-town/

Lisa Suennen | Venture Valkyrie