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Robert Padera receives Donald O'Hara Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Physician Robert “Bobby” Padera, HST 030 Human Pathology assistant director, and HST MD and Medical Engineering and Medical Physics (MEMP) alumnus, was one of the recipients of the Donald O'Hara Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching at the 2019 Daniel D. Federman Teaching Awards Ceremony held recently at the Harvard Medical School (HMS).

In addition to Bobby, Dr. Cecil "Pete" Coggins, director emeritus of the HST 110 Renal Pathophysiology course and a member of the HST MD Curriculum Sub Committee, received one of the Special Faculty Prizes for Sustained Excellence in Teaching.

HMS annually bestows teaching awards on its most outstanding teachers, who, through their excellence in teaching, will impact and influence the professional lives of students long after graduation. The awards presented at the teaching award celebration are the medical school’s most visible recognition of the teaching accomplishments of a highly select group of the school's leading medical educators, and reflect, in a small but tangible way, how much teachers are valued by their students and by the school itself.

Padera is a pathologist who trained at HMS and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and teaches in the HST Human Pathology course. Student nominators lauded him as “an absolute joy to learn from” and shared that he is “funny, warm, kind, and the best lecturer I've ever had.” Students shared that “Dr. Padera’s dedication to the art of teaching and his commitment to caring about each of his students as individuals created a wonderful learning environment where we were able to grow as future physicians and scientists.” His “phenomenal lectures, case discussions, and review sessions were instrumental in helping us learn everything from the basics of anatomic pathology to the intricacies of the morbidity and mortality of cancer.” All in all, “he is a great role model and mentor.”

* Originally published at meded.hms.harvard.edu

Presenting the award were HST MD/PhD students Nicole Gilette (left) and Kathryn Evans.


* Originally published at meded.hms.harvard.edu