Recent Student Theses

HST is committed to educating physicians, engineers and scientists who have a deep understanding of the scientific basis of medicine and who are equipped for a career of interdisciplinary research. The program also seeks to train individuals who will engage in productive independent investigation of important problems at the interface of technology and clinical medicine. This list of recent graduates and their thesis titles below demonstrates the breadth of our students' research, spanning engineering/physical sciences, basic biological sciences and clinical applications.

2016-17 Graduates Thesis Titles

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Melis N. Anahtar
The contribution of cervicovaginal microbiota and hormonal contraceptives to genital inflammation and HIV acquisition risk
Research Supervisors: B. D. Walker; D. Kwon

Alona Birjiniuk
Particle tracking for understanding the properties and dynamics of bacterial biofilms
Research Supervisors: P. S. Doyle; K. Ribbeck

Daniel B. Chonde
Improved PET Data Quantification in Simultaneous PET/MR Neuroimaging
Research Supervisor: C. Catana

Aaron J. Deutsch
Widespread non-additive and interaction effects within Human Leukocyte Antigen loci modulate the risk of autoimmune diseases
Research Supervisor: S. Raychaudhuri

Mitra Dowlatshahi
Suppressed activity of tumor-specific T cells in human Merkel cell carcinomas
Research Supervisor: R. A. Clark

Christine Eckhardt
Investigating the influence of LH-Projecting BLA neurons upon motivated behavioral responding and appetitive learning
Research Supervisor: K. M. Tye

William J. Gibson
Evolution and Vulnerabilities of Somatic Copy Number Alterations in Cancer
Research Supervisor: R. Beroukhim

Morgan L. Hennessy
Function-specific serotonergic neurons in the control of breathing and body temperature
Research Supervisor: S. M. Dymecki

George X. Huang
Endothelial Sirt1 is Required for PGC1a-Induced Angiogenesis in Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Research Supervisor: D. A. Sinclair

Nina Jain
Enrollment Dynamics in Medicare Advantage
Research Supervisor: J. Z. Ayanian

Divya Jayaraman
The role of centriole biogenesis in control of brain size
Research Supervisor: C. A. Walsh

Alisha V. Ling
The Role of Hepatic FoxO1 in Insulin Resistance
Research Supervisor: S. Biddinger

Justin H. Lo
Targeting Nucleic Acids for Pancreatic Cancer: Disease Modeling and Therapy
Research Supervisor: S. N. Bhatia

James W. Luccarelli
Small Molecule Modulators of Apoptosis
Research Supervisor: L. Walensky

Jared R. Mayers
Whole body metabolic alterations as an early event in Kras-driven cancers
Research Supervisor: M. Vander Heiden

Avanthi Raghavan
Leveraging CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing Technology to Identify and Characterize Causal GWAS Variants for Blood Lipids
Research Supervisor: K. Musunuru

Priya Srikanth
Schizophrenia-Relevant DISC1 Interruption Alters Wnt Signaling and Cell Fate in Human iPSC-Derived Neurons
Research Supervisors: D. J. Selkoe; T. L. Young-Pearse

Elisa C. Walsh
Changes in the Propofol-Induced Frontal Electroencephalogram in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Research Supervisors: E. N. Brown; P. L. Purdon

David Wen Rui Wang
The Roles of Aldosterone and Protein Kinase A Signaling in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Calcification
Research Supervisor: J. L. Loscalzo

Luccie M. Wo
Immunology and Outcomes of Face Transplants
Research Supervisor: B. Pomahac

Medical Engineering and Medical Physics (PhD)

Kevin T. Chen
MR-Assisted PET Data Optimization for Simultaneous Dual-Modality Imaging in Dementia
Research Supervisor: C. Catana

Mark K. Clement
Biological and Medical Implications of Discordance in CpG Methylation
Research Supervisor: A. Meissner

Cheryl Cui
Decipher in situ Signaling and Complex Genetics with Cellular Recording and Combinatorial Perturbations
Research Supervisor: T. K. Lu

Vikram R. Juneja
The Role of the PD-1 Pathway in the Tumor Microenvironment
Research Supervisor: A. H. Sharpe

Sandeep T. Koshy
Injectable Biomaterial Systems for Immuno-Oncology
Research Supervisor: D. J. Mooney

Emily R. Lindemer
Quantifiable MRI Changes in Cerebral White Matter and Their Importance to Aging, Cognition, and Alzheimer's Disease
Research Supervisor: D. H. Salat

William C. Lo
Microscopic Image Guidance: Real-time Thermal Therapy Monitoring for Epithelial Lesions
Research Supervisors: B. Bouma; B. Vakoc

Adam Pan
X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging of Preclinical Atherosclerosis
Research Supervisors: G. Barbastathis, R. Gupta

Vyas Ramanan
Genomic Profiling and Perturbation of Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Research Supervisor: S. N. Bhatia

Vincentius J. Suhardi
Drug Eluting Prosthetic Joints through Drug Cluster Morphology Control
Research Supervisor: E. Oral

Ling Xu
Compact Tomographic X-ray phase contrast imaging of breast cancer
Research Supervisor: G. Barbastathis

Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology (PhD)

Jonathan B. Sellon
The Functional Role of Tectorial Membrane Poroelasticity in Cochlear Mechanics
Research Supervisor: D. M. Freeman

Luke A. Shaheen
Cochlear Neuropathy: Detection using envelope following responses and Impacts on central auditory coding
Research Supervisor: M. C. Liberman
Jonathon P. Whitton
Neural and Perceptual Correlates of Closed-loop Sensorimotor Training: Basic and Applied Studies
Research Supervisor: D. Polley
Nathaniel J. Zuk
Neural Coding of Time-varying Interaural Time Differences and Its Relation to Perception
Research Supervisor: Bertrand Delgutte


Health Sciences and Technology (SM)

Matthew V. Crema
Can the Phased Array Stimulation Strategy be Implemented Using the Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant?
Research Supervisor: D. Eddington

Peter A. Jones
The Disque Platform: Towards Improved Control of Beta Cell Differentiation In Vitro
Research Supervisor: J. Karp