HST requires direct payment or a guarantee of payment in order to process an RA appointment. Students with RAs supported by non-MIT labs are advised to initiate the process one to three months before the start of the term to ensure timely processing.

Billing information is provided on the funding form by the research supervisor or their designated billing contact.  Students are responsible for confirming that the information on the RA application form is accurate, especially the name and email of the Billing Contact Person.

Methods of payment

Purchase Order

If the billing contact can provide a Purchase Order number (PO#) on the RA application form, then HST will issue an invoice and simultaneously process the RA appointment. While this is generally the most efficient option, it may take several weeks for an institution to issue a PO#.

Send Invoice or Check Request

If this option is selected, HST sends an invoice, and then the billing contact person submits a check request according to their institution's procedure. The RA appointment is processed at MIT upon receipt of payment or guarantee of payment. Acceptable guarantees of payment include either a copy of the submitted check request or a purchase order number (PO#).

Billing Agreement

When a funding source has required terms, the Billing Contact Person may determine that a billing agreement is required. Billing agreements involve staff from multiple offices, at both institutions, and can require several months for processing. Students will also need to complete and return an HST Billing Agreement Questionnaire along with their RA funding form.