HST students should be actively engaged in managing their financial support.

Some students enter with funding secured, while others seek funding through various opportunities throughout their graduate careers. Knowing types, sources, and mechanisms of financial support will ease the graduate experience and allow students to maintain their focus on research and academics.

Application Forms

The appropriate application form (below) must be completely filled in by the student and, where noted, by the research supervisor. Forms can be submitted to Laurie Ward by signed PDF (laurie [at] mit.edu (subject: HST%20Funding%20Form) ) or by hardcopy to E25-518 by the posted HST deadlines.

An application form must be submitted every semester (fall, spring, summer), if the funding source will remain constant across terms one form may be submitted in June or September for multiple semesters. The exception to this is students appointed to the Neuroimaging Training Program (NTP) institutional training grant, one fellowship form will be submitted for the full year plus the required NIH appointment form. MIT Institute rates change annually on June 1, new forms are submitted beginning each summer term.


In order to receive stipend and tuition benefits associated with a Fellowship, Research Assistantship, or Teaching Assistantship, students must complete and submit an HST Financial Support form before the following dates.

  • Summer 2021: May 21, 2021
  • Fall Term 2021: August 20, 2021
  • Spring Term 2022: January 7, 2022 (extended to February 1, 2022 for first-year MD students)
  • Summer 2022: May 20, 2022

Dates above are the last day completed forms may be submitted. Students are urged to return forms at least one to two months before these dates for multiple reasons.

  • Tuition and insurance charges for MIT PhD students assessed prior to the start of the term. Students may incur late fees when funding is not processed in timely manner.
  • Off-campus RA support takes longer to process due to billing, details posted here.
  • Paycheck gaps may occur due to delayed processing. This is more pronounced in the spring since January is split between fall (Sept. 1 – Jan. 15) and spring term (Jan. 16 – May 31).

MIT issues paychecks on a semi-monthly basis, you can learn more about your MIT paycheck.

Submit Research Topic

It is important for students to keep research topic/description current at minimum every year since these are published as part of the HST profile and used for HST reporting during the year.  Update your research topic via your student profile on this website.

Graduate Student Notice of Award

When all requirements have been met and your graduate funding is processed at MIT, you will receive a Graduate Appointment email from the automated MIT system. This is confirmation that your graduate support has been successfully submitted to MIT Payroll and/or Student Financial Systems (SFS). 

If you submitted your form and complied with the requirements described above in a timely manner, your financial support should be processed by the start of each term. Exceptions may occur with off-campus RAs, due to billing issues detailed below. If you do not receive a Graduate Appointment email in the expected timeframe, please contact laurie [at] mit.edu (Laurie Ward).

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