Bioastronautics: Training Program Requirements

MEMP students who wish to affiliate with the Bioastronautics program must complete the following requirements in addition to the regular MEMP curriculum
  • HST 515J Aerospace Biomedical Engineering 
  • 16.453 Human Factors Engineering 
  • 16.89J Space Systems Engineering OR 16.851 Satellite Engineering
And at least one subject from the following list: 
  • HST 560J Radiation Biophysics 
  • HST 971J Strategic Decision Making in Biomedical Enterprise 
  • HST 020 Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
  • 2.183J/9.34J Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement
Students in the program may optionally complete a summer apprenticeship at a NASA Center. Students also have the option (space permitting) to use either the Aerospace Medicine Clerkship at Johnson Space Center or the Space Medicine Short Course at University of Texas Medical Branch to fulfill the elective portion of the Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Medical Engineering (HST202). 
For more information about the Bioastronautics curriculum, please contact Professor Dava Newman.