Bioastronautics: Research Opportunities

Bioastronautics students typically pursue their thesis research with one of the Harvard or MIT faculty who are also principal investigators on NASA Life Sciences grants. The following faculty members and research labs are associated with this program; they offer a wide range of opportunties for student research on space life sciences.

Laura Barger, PhD
Division of Sleep Medicine, HMS
Sleep deprivation

Mary Bouxsein, PhD
Bouxsein Lab, Center for Advanced Orthopaedic Studies, BIDMC
Effects of gravity on bone

James Cartreine, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, BWH
Countermeasure for managing interpersonal conflicts in space

Richard Cohen, MD, PhD
Cohen Lab, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, MIT 
Effects of micro-gravity on cardiovascular stability

Charles Czeisler, MD, PhD 
Division of Sleep Medicine, HMS 
Sleep medicine; Neurobiology of the human circadian pacemaker

Kevin Duda, PhD
Draper Laboratory  
Human-automation interactions; Performance analysis of lunar lander supervisory control

Kathryn Held, PhD 
Cellular & Molecular Radiation Oncology Laboratory, MGH  
Radiation biology

Jeffrey Hoffman, PhD 
Man Vehicle Laboratory, MIT  
Thermal control during astronaut traverses

Faisal Karmali, PhD  
Jenks Vestibular Lab, MEEI 
Vestibular and visual cues for spatial orientation; Human motion perception in changing gravity levels

Elizabeth Klerman, MD, PhD  
Division of Sleep Medicine, HMS
Countermeasures to reduce sleep disruption and improve performance and alertness in space

Steven Lockley, PhD  
Division of Sleep Medicine, HMS
Light exposure to facilitate circadian adaptation and enhance alertness

Jay Loeffler, MD  
Radiation Oncology, MGH
Radiation biology

Roger Mark, MD, PhD
Laboratory for Computational Physiology, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, MIT
Computational models of cardiovascular function; Clinical decision support care

Daniel Merfeld, PhD  
Jenks Vestibular Lab, MEEI 
Vestibular thresholds, including psychophysical response dynamics

Dava Newman, PhD  
Man Vehicle Laboratory, MIT
Extra-vehicular activities; Bio-suits; Micro-gravity

Charles Oman, PhD
Man Vehicle Laboratory, MIT 
Robotics operations

Paola Divieti Pajevic, MD, PhD
Divieti-Pajevic Laboratory, Molecular and Cell Biology, Boston University 
Bone metabolism

Leia Stirling, PhD
Man Vehicle Laboratory, MIT
Computational dynamics; System automation; Human factors; Experimental biomechanics; Human-machine interaction for aerospace and medical applications

Gary Strangman, PhD
Neural Systems Group, MGH
Countermeasures for in-flight depression; Distributed system for spaceflight biomedical support

Roger Summons, PhD
Summons Lab; Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, MIT
Geobiology; Astrobiology

Conrad Wall, PhD
Jenks Vestibular Lab, MEEI
Vestibular function

Laurence Young, PhD
Man Vehicle Laboratory, MIT
Artificial gravity; Sensorimotor displays and controls for lunar landing