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2018 Presenters

Omar O. Abudayyeh
Poster Title: Harnessing RNA targeting CRISPR systems for transcriptome engineering and human health
Research Supervisor(s): F. Zhang, MIT

Annabelle J. Anandappa
Poster Title: Personal Neoantigen Vaccine for Glioblastoma Stimulates Neoepitope-Specific Intra-Tumoral T Cell Responses
Research Supervisor(s): C. J. Wu , DFCI

Walter W. Chen
Poster Title: MIT Obolomics: Exploring the Dynamics of Matrix Metabolism via Metabolite Profiling of Rapidly Purified Mitochondria
Research Supervisor(s): D. Sabatini, Whitehead Institute

Avilash K. Cramer
Poster Title: Stationary Computed Tomography for Space, Battlefield, and Rural Care
Research Supervisor(s): R. Gupta, MGH

Conor R. Cullinane
Poster Title: Hip Torque Decomposition with a Computational Mark III Space Suit Model
Research Supervisor(s): L. A. Stirling, MIT

Alissa M. D'Gama
Poster Title: Somatic mutations activating the mTOR pathway in dorsal telencephalic progenitors cause a continuum of cortical dysplasias
Research Supervisor(s): C. A. Walsh, CHB

Wataru Ebina
Poster Title: Combined pharmacological inhibition of TGF-β and epigenetic repressors enables ex vivo maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells
Research Supervisor(s): D. J. Rossi, HMS

Jonathan M. Fisher
Poster Title: Genetic heterogeneity distinct from cellular hierarchy in oligodendroglioma
Research Supervisor(s): A. Regev, Broad Institute

Or Gadish
Poster Title: Uncovering Signaling Networks in Tumor Endothelial Cells
Research Supervisor(s): E. R. Edelman, N. Artzi, MIT

Giorgia Grisot
Poster Title: Validation of diffusion MRI techniques for mapping brain pathways using animal tracing
Research Supervisor(s): A. Yendiki, S. N. Haber, MGH

Nil Gural
Poster Title: A microscale human liver platform that supports the liver stages of  Plasmodium vivax
Research Supervisor(s): S. N. Bhatia, MIT

Jaeseung Hahn
Poster Title: Extrusion of therapeutic RNAs from a cytosolic nanofactory
Research Supervisor(s): W. Shih, HMS

Allison E. Hamilos
Poster Title: Determining the Role of Direct/Indirect Pathway Balance in the Timing of Self-Initiated Movement
Research Supervisor(s): J. A. Assad, HMS

Robert Hinshaw
Poster Title: Integrating Microbeams And Neural Culture
Research Supervisor(s): C. Lemere, HMS

Thomas P. Howard, III
Poster Title: MDM2 and MDM4 are Therapeutic Vulnerabilities in Rhabdoid Tumors
Research Supervisor(s): W. C. Hahn & C. Roberts, DFCI

Kristin A. Knouse
Poster Title: Cell non-autonomous regulation of chromosome segregation
Research Supervisor(s): A. Amon, MIT

Charlotte Lee
Poster Title: Deciphering Multi-Dimensional Proteomics from Resected Lung Adenocarcinomas
Research Supervisor(s): F. L. Michor, DFCI

Christopher Lee
Poster Title: Local Drug Delivery for Expediting Kidney Stones
Research Supervisor(s): M. J. Cima, MIT

Brian T. Li
Poster Title: Deconstructing interactions between macrophages and hematopoietic stem cells in the embryonic niche
Research Supervisor(s): L. I. Zon, CHB

Jennifer A. Lo
Poster Title: Melanocyte-specific regulation of PD-L1 by MITF confers immune tolerance to UV mutagenesis
Research Supervisor(s): D. E. Fisher, MGH

Jesus M. Luevano, Jr.
Poster Title: HIV-Associated changes of the Gut Microbiome in ARV-Treated, Untreated, and Immunologic Controllers
Research Supervisor(s): D. Kwon, Ragon

Ethan L. MacKenzie
Poster Title: A large-scale drug screen identifies selective inhibitors of class I HDACs as a potential therapeutic option for SHH medulloblas
Research Supervisor(s): R. A. Segal, DFCI

Benjamin E. Mead
Poster Title: Building a Paneth cell: exploring cellular development and function through small molecule-powered bioengineering
Research Supervisor(s): J. M. Karp, BWH

Xiaoli Mi
Poster Title: Lessons from Using Genome Editing to Create a Faithful Model of a Novel Congenital Anemia
Research Supervisor(s): V. G. Sankaran, CHB

David Miranda-Nieves
Poster Title: In-flow preparation of collagen sheets with
 tunable fibril alignment for the engineering of arterial substitutes
Research Supervisor(s): E. L. Chaikof, BIDMC

Rida Mourtada
Poster Title: Stapled Antimicrobial Peptides Overcome Multidrug Resistance
Research Supervisor(s): L. Walensky, DFCI

Andrew T. Nguyen
Poster Title: CRISPR/Cas9 pharmacogenomic screen of small molecule inhibitors of clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP)
Research Supervisor(s): B. L. Ebert, BWH

Anthony T. Nguyen
Poster Title: Loss of UBE2O Mitigates Beta Thalassemia Through Broad Proteomic Changes
Research Supervisor(s): D. Finley, HMS

Sam Osseiran
Poster Title: Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: Theory and Applications for Non-invasive Label-free Imaging of Skin
Research Supervisor(s): C. L. Evans, MGH

Sebastien R. Palacios
Poster Title: Genetic Engineering of Biological Circuits in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Precise Cell Fate Decision Control
Research Supervisor(s): R. Weiss MIT

Ryan J. Park
Poster Title: A genome-wide CRISPR screen reveals a restricted set of HIV host dependency factors
Research Supervisor(s): B. D. Walker & N. Hacohen, HMS, Ragon

Varesh Prasad
Poster Title: Prediction of Vasopressor Initiation in Emergency Department Patients at Risk of Septic Shock
Research Supervisor(s): T. Heldt, MIT

Katherine J. Roche
Poster Title: Electroencephalographic spectral power as a marker of cortical function and disease severity in girls with Rett syndrome
Research Supervisor(s): C. A. Nelson, III, CHB

Alireza Samiei
Poster Title: Characterization of the Sirt6 knockout in Drosophila melanogaster
Research Supervisor(s): M. B. Feany, BWH

David T. Severson
Poster Title: Immune Signatures in Mesothelioma
Research Supervisor(s): R. Bueno & A. De Rienzo, BWH

Yu Shao
Poster Title: Physiological Biomarkers Of Brain Vulnerability: Frontal Alpha Waves Predict The Propensity For Intraoperative Burst Suppression
Research Supervisor(s): E. N. Brown & P. Purdon, MGH

Anji Tang
Poster Title: The predictive value of endothelial shear stress to detect hemodynamically significant coronary atherosclerotic lesions
Research Supervisor(s): D. Mitsouras, BWH

Agata E. Wisniowska
Poster Title: Proof-of-concept towards Magnetic Resonance Imaging neurotransmitter sensors
Research Supervisor(s): A. P. Jasanoff, MIT

David D. Yang
Poster Title: Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Overall Survival for Gleason 8 Versus Gleason 9-10 Prostate Cancer
Research Supervisor(s): P. L. Nguyen, DFCI/BWH

Travis Zack
Poster Title: The Landscape of Structural Variants within Pediatric High Grade Glioma
Research Supervisor(s): P. Bandopadhayay, DFCI