A Partnership with Purpose

Founded in 1970, the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST) is one of the world’s oldest interdisciplinary educational programs focused on translational medical science and engineering.

The program is an inter-institutional collaboration between MIT, Harvard, and local teaching hospitals, dedicated to fostering academic excellence, scientific rigor, and clinical expertise.

Our MD, PhD, and MD-PhD students study side-by-side, gaining a deep understanding of the biomedical sciences, a strong quantitative foundation, and extensive hands-on clinical experience in Boston-area hospitals. HST students engage in translational research projects, collaborating with MIT and Harvard faculty drawn from across departments and disciplines to develop preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic innovations.

Alumni of the program are responsible for countless groundbreaking innovations, including the drug regimen that transformed HIV/AIDS into a treatable disease and the first non-invasive technology for observing the brain in action.

HST has a home on each side of the Charles River. At MIT, the program is part of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) and represents the vanguard of IMES’ educational initiatives. At Harvard, the program is part of Harvard Medical School’s Program in Medical Education, housed within the Irving M. London Society.

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