Want to talk to someone?

In HST: 

  • Fellow students, continuing MEMP PhD students volunteer as 'buddies' for incoming students, creating relationships that often endure for years.
  • All HST students are assigned an academic advisors, these faculty members assist students in planning their course of study, finding a research lab and approving students' registration each semester. Academic Advisors are also available to listen and help direct you to appropriate support services.
  • The following faculty and administrators are knowledgeable about HST academic programs and are available to help you navigate the various resources at Harvard and MIT.
      for MEMP PhD students: 
         jgreenber [at] mit.edu (Dr. Julie Greenberg) (HST/IMES Director of Education)
         rgmark [at] mit.edu (Dr. Roger Mark) (chair MEMP Board of Advisors) 
         tanderso [at] Mit.edu (Traci Anderson) (MIT Academic Office, Administrator)
         laurie [at] mit.edu (Laurie Ward) (MIT Academic Office, Administrator)
      > for MD students:     
         junne_kamihara [at] dfci.harvard.edu (Dr. Junne Kamihara) (Associate Director, MD Advising) 
         rmitchell [at] rics.bwh.harvard.edu (Dr. Rick Mitchell) (Associate Director, MD Curriculum) 
         pat_cunningham [at] hms.harvard.edu (Patty Cunningham) (HMS Academic Office, Administrator) 
  • Portraits of Resilience: Collection of personal stories from students, faculty and staff about depression (hard copies of book available at both HST Academic Offices

Elsewhere at MIT: 

Elsewhere at Harvard:

Looking for career mentoring?

Programs that offer additional mentoring support, career development, and networking opportunities.

How to register a concern or report an incident.

Students are always welcome to bring any concerns to the HST faculty leadership and staff. That said, we understand that it may not be comfortable to relay certain information within HST. Harvard and MIT both offer centralized resources for students who wish to report an incident or file a complaint.