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In HST: 

  • Fellow students, continuing MEMP PhD students volunteer as 'buddies' for incoming students, creating relationships that often endure for years.
  • All HST students are assigned an academic advisors, these faculty members assist students in planning their course of study, finding a research lab and approving students' registration each semester. Academic Advisors are also available to listen and help direct you to appropriate support services.
  • The following faculty and administrators are knowledgeable about HST academic programs and are available to help you navigate the various resources at Harvard and MIT.
      for MEMP PhD students: 
         jgreenber [at] (Dr. Julie Greenberg) (HST/IMES Director of Education)
         rgmark [at] (Dr. Roger Mark) (chair MEMP Board of Advisors) 
         tanderso [at] (Traci Anderson) (MIT Academic Office, Administrator)
         laurie [at] (Laurie Ward) (MIT Academic Office, Administrator)
      > for MD students:     
         junne_kamihara [at] (Dr. Junne Kamihara) (Associate Director, MD Advising) 
         rmitchell [at] (Dr. Rick Mitchell) (Associate Director, MD Curriculum) 
         pat_cunningham [at] (Patty Cunningham) (HMS Academic Office, Administrator) 
  • Portraits of Resilience: Collection of personal stories from students, faculty and staff about depression (hard copies of book available at both HST Academic Offices

Elsewhere at MIT: 

Elsewhere at Harvard:


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