The HST Alumni Association was created to build a vibrant program designed to increase and strengthen the ties among alumni as well as between them and the greater HST community.


  • Provide resources to HST Alumni for career development
  • Encourage regional activities for HST Alumni
  • Build and populate an Alumni portal for the HST website
  • Create a minimum of one HST Alumni event each year
  • Promote career opportunities for HST students through internships or employment
  • Facilitate alumni/student interaction
  • Help develop a fundraising program targeted at Alumni
  • Foster HST "brand recognition"
  • Leverage the resources of the Harvard and MIT Alumni offices to help achieve our goals

Get Involved

An important focus of HST Alumni Association's effort is to encourage alumni to become more involved and to help them make connections with each other. Currently, alumni can participate in HST in a variety of ways. If you're interested in participating in any of these or other ways, please contact hst-alumni-association [at] (hst-alumni-association[at]mit[dot]edu).

  •  Participate in HST Alumni Roundtables
  • Tell us what's new with you by sending an e-mail to hst-alumni-association [at] (hst-alumni-association[at]mit[dot]edu)
  • Make a contribution to HST
  • Help with student recruitment
  • Make connections for HST student internships
  • Recruit a student for your lab

If you have suggestions about how HST can better serve our alumni, please contact the HST Alumni Association.

HST Alumni/Student Roundtables

The HST Alumni Association and the HST Joint Student Council are host to several Alumni/Student Roundtables during the academic year. 
A roundtable will consist of an HST alumnus/a meeting with a maximum of 10 students over an informal breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a limit of 10 students per roundtable in hopes to increase alumni/student interaction. The Alumni/Student Roundtables are sponsored by a generous alumnus who hopes to increase participation among both alumni and students. 
HST Headquarters Office staff will arrange for a location, food and will also take care of sending an e-mail invitation to the students, as well as choosing the 10 students who will be able to attend.
If you are interested in hosting a roundtable, please send an e-mail to HST Alumni Association Staff. Please let us know when you would like to do this and include a title and a very short description of what you would like to discuss. We'll do everything else!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the HST Alumni Association, need to update your information, or want to send us news about yourself, please contact hst-alumni-association [at]

You may also update your information in the MIT Alumni Association Infinite Connection portal. Please help us keep in touch by logging in at and confirming your contact information under “My Account” and then “Edit Profile.” This applies to all HST alumni, including those who earned Harvard degrees. If you do not have an account, please go to, click on “Login” and then follow the instructions under “Create Account.”