• Preclinical subjects (HST.011-HST.200)*:
    Students not enrolled in an HST program are limited to two HST preclinical courses and must provide justification for enrolling in these courses. This action must be approved by the course director and the student’s advisor.
    These subjects are scheduled according to the Harvard Medical School academic calendar, which differs from the MIT calendar. Students whose graduation depends upon completing one or more of these subjects should take particular care regarding the schedule.
    *HST.141, HST.163 & HST.198 are not included in the two-course limit.
  • FALL 2020
    The fall listings below include a link to the MIT subject listing for registration, as well as a link to the course website or course director contact information to assist in getting access to the remote learning URL. 
  • To find course websites for non-HST courses, try: this is a redirector that finds departmental course sites including those on Stellar.
(PDF) updated 12/2/2020

Fall 2020 --  IAP --  Spring

IAP and Spring 2021 schedules will be published in December 2020, links below go to descriptions only (see link above for pre-clinical course schedule pdf from HST@HMS)

Fall 2020

* All HST pre-clinical courses will be taught online through Harvard Medical School CANVAS, please contact Pat_cunningham [at] (Patty Cunningham) for course access information for pre-clinical courses.