All HST students are required to register at MIT during each regular term (fall and spring) of enrollment in their program.

HST MD students are also required to register at HMS each year. MEMP PhD candidates enrolled through Harvard SEAS or Harvard Biophysics must also register at Harvard GSAS each term.

Important Dates 2023-24

Fall 2023 Registration Dates

Monday, August 28: MIT On-Line Registration Opens

Tuesday, September 5: Harvard GSAS/FAS Classes begin

Tuesday, September 5: HST Classes @ HMS begin (HST 146 begins week before; see individual course calendar)

Tuesday, September 5: Registration Day at MIT 

Wednesday, September 6: MIT Classes begin

Friday, September 8: Registration Forms must be submitted via on-line registration


Spring 2024 Registration Dates 

Monday, January 22: Harvard GSAS/FAS courses begin

Monday, January 29 - Friday, February 2: Registration WEEK at MIT

Monday, February 5: HST HMS Classes and MIT classes begin

Friday, February 9: Signed Registration Forms must be submitted via on-line registration



Continuing students are required to pre-register for MIT subjects several months in advance of Registration Day. Pre-registration is available via WebSIS. Pre-registration deadlines are available from the MIT academic calendar.

Online Registration

MIT registration forms are available at one week prior to MIT's Registration Day. The form is populated with your pre-registration selections. (Note, the website login will indicate “Unauthorized” until the system opens.)

MEMP Students - Advisor Meetings and Form Approval Process

Although the registration forms are on-line, MEMP PhD students are expected to meet with their academic advisor on or before Registration Day to discuss academic progress and course selections.  In preparation for the academic advisor meeting, please make any adjustments to the subject selections on-line. After the academic advisor approves the subject selections in the system, students will receive an email from the registration system with directions on completing the registration process. Registrations that are submitted after the due date may result in a late fee.

Emails will be sent with details prior to Registration week. 

MD Students - Advisor Meetings and Form Approval Process

HST MD students meet with their academic advisors at HMS to discuss both their MIT and HMS registrations. Locations of advisor meetings are sent by email prior to Registration Day.

MIT Registration:

Registration at MIT is a 3-part process completed through the MIT Registration system

  1. Students must submit their pre-registration.
  2. Beginning on Registration Day, HST at HMS staff will approve student registrations.
  3. Once a student's registration has been approved, students must log in and submit their approved registration. Late fees are assessed for tardy submissions.

Emails will be sent with details prior to Registration week. 

First- and second-year MD students must complete the process above for their pre-clerkship courses.

Third-year and above MD students, including upper-class MD/PhD students not doing their PhD at MIT, will be automatically pre-registered for administrative course number HST.HAR at MIT; however, students must officially log in once their registration has been approved to submit this selection and confirm their registration.

Students completing their PhD at MIT will work with their MIT PhD advisor to develop and submit their registration.

HMS Registration:

No forms are required for HMS registration into pre-clerkship MD courses. The HMS Registrar automatically registers students for these courses.


Summer Registration

Summer Registration at MIT is expected for most MEMP PhD students, if you meet any of the following categories:

  • Students receiving funding processed through MIT during the summer;
  • Students actively working on thesis research during the summer (HST.ThG);
  • Students completing Summer ICM (HST.201or HST.202);
  • MIT PhD students on the September degree list (must register for HST.ThG).

Students should pre-register for summer courses on-line during the month of May and the Academic Office will  approve all summer registration forms, advisor approval is not required, however students are required to SUBMIT the form online following Academic Office approval.

Calculating Research Units (HST.ThG)

Below is how many research units you should register for during summer and regular terms.  

1 unit = 14 hours of work. 


Full-time research over the summer = 24-28 units

There are approx 10 weeks/49 “school days” in the summer (minus July 4th holiday).

7 hours/day over the summer = 24 units ; 8 hours/day over the summer  =  28 units.


When you are ONLY registering for research during fall or spring, we figure there are about 14 weeks each term, so registering for ThG at 36 units = working 36 hours per week during the regular term.

For those terms that you are also taking courses, we recommend having the ThG units + Subject units add up to 40-44.  So if you are taking 24 units of coursework in the fall, you can register for 16-20 units of HST.ThG (assuming you are actually working at least 16-20 hours a week in the lab)

Harvard University Cross-Registration

Each school at Harvard maintains its own academic calendar. Please refer to the individual school's academic calendar for more detailed information. Additional resources can be found at: Harvard Cross Registration Instruction for MIT Graduate Students