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An HST education gives you a robust foundation in science, engineering, medicine, and scholarly research, along with the flexibility to explore the topics that interest you most.

HST MD Program

Gain a solid grounding in the foundational sciences underlying health and disease, combined with the extensive clinical training of a traditional medical school curriculum.
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HST MEMP PhD Program

Ground yourself in the technical discipline of your choice. Study biomedical sciences side-by-side with MD students. Directly experience patient care and clinical decision making through hands-on clinical courses. Integrate these multiple perspectives as you tackle a research project at the intersection of science, technology, and medicine.
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GEMS Certificate Program

Are you a current doctoral student at MIT? Learn how advances in basic science and engineering can become therapies and tools for improving human health.
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HST Summer Institute for Biomedical Optics

Are you an undergraduate interested in exploring your potential? Consider our nine-week summer program offering research experiences in biomedical engineering and science, with emphasis on the field of biomedical optics.
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