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COVID-19 Public Health Concern Report: To report a COVID-19 public health concern related to student behavior, click hereTo report concerns related to faculty and staff, click here. (more info about Community Standards

MIT Graduate Student Short-Term Emergency Fund assists MIT graduate students by providing financial support when they need help with unexpected and unavoidable emergency expenses.

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MIT Information Hub [spring/summer 2020 archive, new info on "MIT NOW"]

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  • Student support: covid19-support [at]
  • Events exceptions/concerns: COVIDevents [at]
  • Travel exceptions/concerns (provost/chancellor): COVIDtravel [at]
  • Travel/visitor/events POLICIES: em-staff [at]
  • Cancelling and expensing travel: travelsupport [at]
  • Educational continuity: ed-continuity [at]


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Opportunities to Offer or Request Help. (updated 4.17.20)


[new 4.17.20] Mass.Gov PPE Procurement ( Donate or sell personal protective equipment to support Massachusetts' COVID-19 response efforts.

[new 4.17.20] Crowd Fight - Covid 19( An initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19.

[new 4.17.20] Boston Helps ( tell us if you’re willing to help someone who might need it, or whether you need a little help yourself. 

[new 4.17.20] People vs. Pandemics ( a source of information for people who need help and those that want to offer it.

[new 4.17.20] MasksOn ( is a non-profit effort to mass-produce reusable, sanitizable emergency masks and distribute it to the clinicians who do not have access to FDA approved equipment.

PanFab ( is a group of volunteer scientists, engineers, clinicians, and concerned citizens dedicated to helping healthcare professionals, first responders and patients respond to pandemic disease response (currently to COVID19) by using innovative approaches to alleviate shortages in medical products, coordinate product testing, and promote hospital uptake of innovative solutions.

CoVent-19 Challenge (, a global collaboration to create ventilation solutions that we can rapidly deploy around the world to battle the COVID-19 mechanical ventilation crisis.

Rapid Innovation Dashboard:

MIT Projects: Covid-19 Efforts:  Do you know of any projects, efforts, or other ideas involving the MIT community on the topic of COVID-19 related problems? If so, please fill in this brief form or circulate in your

Conserving Supply of Personal Protective Equipment—A Call for Ideas
Urgent call for N95 mask sterilization methods!
JAMA just requested the public to come up with ways to conserve PPEs.
More information is available here.

Call to Action: Help Individuals Self-Isolate through Coordinated Community Support
For those who would like to help out but don't really know how, a small cohort of volunteers is starting this initiative which aims to support our local community. Find the description is here.

Volunteer to do COVID-19-related experiments?
This survey is attempting to pull together a database of scientists who are able and willing to perform work related to diagnostics and other COVID-19 efforts.

Urgent need for COVID-19 testing kits & Instruments
See what MGH is looking for in developing test kits here.

For MIT Alums and other community members who would like to offer help to MIT students
Find out more here.

For MIT students who would like to request help from MIT Alums
Find out more here.

To request or offer help, organized by Harvard Graduate student union, for all students in the Boston area
Find out more here.

To request or offer help, from the Every Nation Campus team, for all students in the Boston area
Find out more here.

For folks who want to offer resources to students in need (miles, money, tickets, moving supplies, storage space), and for students to see and claim those resources
Find out more here.