For their promising work in the life sciences, HST alums Tyler Clites '17 and Cheryl Cui '18 were two of Forbes magazine's 2019 30 Under 30 for healthcare. Congratulations Tyler and Cheryl!

Tyler Clites, 28

Postdoctoral associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"I build human cyborgs," says MIT researcher Tyler Clites. In his doctoral work, he designed a way to make prosthetic limbs that communicate sensations of joint position and movement directly to the nervous system. This involves a new way of performing amputation surgery and a robotic control system. It has been tried in 12 patients.

Cheryl Cui, 28
Co-founder, Nest. Bio

In 2017 biomedical engineer Cheryl Cui founded Nest. Bio, a venture fund that has close to $100 million under management and invested in eight life science startups. Earlier this year she also launched Nest. Bio Labs, which is a Cambridge, Massachusetts office and lab hub that now houses 12 biotech companies.