Congratulations graduates!

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We ask that ALL graduating students (September 2020 - June 2021) complete this form. 
If you do not want to be included in the graduation video (to be released on May 26), you may skip "Section 2".

Please complete by Friday, April 23.


HST Degree (being granted in AY21)
May we include you in the Graduating Students video to be released on May 26?
If yes, please be sure to complete section 2 AND submit photos.
Section 1, the Booklet and Alumni Contact Information

We ask that ALL graduates complete this secction. The Graduation Booklet is a keepsake of the day and lists all graduates, whether or not they are able to particpate in the virtual event.

position, institution/company, location

Post-Graduation Contact Info. We’d love to keep in touch and will send the information you provide here to the MIT Alumni Office to set-up your account. This information will NOT be published in the booklet. Because we will not see you in person for the ceremony, we will send your HST certificate in June to the mailing address provided here, unless you indicate different mailing address in additional box below..
If you would like us to send either your HST certificate (June) to a different address, please let us know.  Feel free to include any notes on the "effective date" of this mailing address, or anything else we should know.
Section 2, the video ceremony

If you would like to be included in the graduation video, please also fill out this section. We have an established HST graduation tradition of reading aloud information and personal anecdotes about each graduate.  The inclusion of information that's important to each graduate has helped us to create a particularly warm and personal graduation event. 

To see what to expect, view the 2020 HST Graduation Video, graduate's vignettes start at 25:54.

If you provide us with information in each of the following FOUR fields,  we’ll be happy to craft a blurb for you.


OR, feel free to craft your own "blurb" to be read as your pictures display on the video (some samples below)

Below are sample blurbs:
 "Shirley has held a number of fellowships and was part of the team that invented LSS technology, named by the American Institute of Physics as one of the 25 most important biological and medical physics achievements of the past five years.  In spite of her many accomplishments, however, she notes that her most memorable HST experience was Shiv’s immunology raps.”
"Jack was a member of the HST-IMES Committee on Academic Programs, the Outing Club, and the MIT Origami Society.  He received an NSF Fellowship and his 50K research proposal so astounded the judges that they awarded him 100K.  His most memorable HST moments all took place at the biannual HST Dinner Seminars, enjoying fine dining and connecting with students, faculty and alumni.


Submit Photos 

Please submit 3-5 photos to be displayed while your blurb is read.

We MUST have your photos by APRIL 23.

At least ONE must be a headshot of just you (it will be used as we read your name)

Other photos could include you with friends, in your lab, etc.

Please include your LAST NAME and FIRST INITIAL in the name of each of your IMAGE FILES.


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