In order to remain a student good standing, HST MEMP PhD students must meet the following criteria for satisfactory academic performance:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 (5.0 scale)
  • Pass the Technical Qualifying Exam (TQE) within five regular terms of registration or have an approved extension
  • Make satisfactory progress towards completion of the biomedical sciences and clinical curriculum 
  • Identify and join a research lab, with reasonable prospects of a funded project, by the start of the third regular term of registration or have an approved extension
  • Meet thesis milestones (Letter of Intent 1, Letter of Intent 2, and thesis proposal) by the published deadlines in April of the second, third and fourth years of enrollment or have an approved extension
  • Pass the Oral Qualifying Exam (OQE) within six regular terms of registration or have an approved extension
  • Earn satisfactory grades for each term of registration in HST.ThG