MEMP students receive a thorough graduate education in a classical discipline of engineering or physical science.

Each student selects a concentration area in consultation with their academic advisor and completes a selection of four advanced technical courses in the selected discipline. MEMP offers eleven areas (with the name of the faculty member serving as concentration area chair) listed below:

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics (Lonnie Petersen)
  • Biological Engineering (James J. Collins)
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Emery Brown)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Mehmet Toner)
  • Chemical Engineering (Kwanghun Chung)
  • Chemistry (Alex Shalek)
  • Computer Science (Peter Szolovits)
  • Electrical Engineering (Roger Mark)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (Sangeeta Bhatia)
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering (Sangeeta Bhatia)
  • Physics (Collin Stultz)

MEMP TQE Form (Contract Form and Subject Grid)
TQE Approved Subjects (Subject Grid and Titles)
Sample schedules that fulfill concentration area requirements