1. All HST students must keep their Biographical and Emergency ( contact information current through MIT, which is used as the system of record for many HST functions.
  2. All HST students must monitor messages sent to their MIT email addresses, which is often the default for HST administrative communications. To forward your MIT email to another address, see instructions at
  3. All HST students should periodically check their MIT Student Account statement ( and should be paying any authorized expenses beyond tuition and student health insurance via MITPAY (

Student Participation/Input

Student participation/input is always welcome!  The HST Joint Council is the official student government and advocacy organization for all HST students.  You can find out more at and by attending JC events.

Both institutions provide comprehensive listings of community resources for students at and

HST Student Lounges and Other Community Spaces

HST students are fortunate to have access to two student lounges in TMEC 213 (HMS) and E25-519 (MIT). These lounges are available to all HST students.

To access E25-519, swipe your MIT ID over the black proximity card pad to the right of the door. Please contact Traci Anderson (tanderso [at] (tanderso[at]mit[dot]edu)) if you experience any difficulty with access.

Lockers with programmable locks are available for short-term use in E25-519. A public Athena Pharos printer is available in the hallway outside E25-519.

All HST students also have access to the MIT IMES tea room and innovation space on the third floor of E25.

Please take care with your belongings. HST (MIT/HMS) is not responsible for stolen items, acts of vandalism, or accidental damage.  If you see suspicious activity in either lounge, please contact the appropriate authorities: in E25, call MIT Campus Police (617-253-1212 or dial 100 from any campus phone); in TMEC, call HMS Security (617-432-1379).


Traveling between HMS, MIT, and labs in the hospitals will take you across Boston and Cambridge. Transportation options include:


This is the primary shuttle HST students use to get back and forth from MIT to HMS. See for further details. A valid Harvard student ID is needed to board.


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) runs public transportation in the greater Boston area. This service includes buses and the subway commonly known as the “T”. Schedules and maps are on

MIT subsidizes the purchase of monthly MBTA passes. All HST students are eligible to enroll in the MIT subsidy program, and charges are posted to your MIT student account. Details are available at


MIT runs a variety of other shuttle services available with a valid MIT ID; see for more details.



In addition to outdoor bike racks, E25 has a bike cage in the basement. Contact Hunter Lamer (rhlamere [at] (rhlamere[at]mit[dot]edu)) to inquire about the availability of space and access to the cage. The number of spaces is limited, and they are allotted as available to those who spend a significant amount of working time in E25. Information about Fix-It Stations and additional secure bike cages at MIT may be found at

HMS provides a map of bike racks on campus and in the Longwood Medical area -   

Blue Bikes offers a bicycle sharing service with stations throughout the metro Boston area, including MIT and HMS - In addition, check out the Boston Bikes program at Lastly, you can learn more about the MIT subsidized annual membership at

Showers are available on the Longwood Campus to cyclists with a Harvard ID, see map at