Students interested in an HST TA position should initiate a conversation with the course director and then submit a TA application form. Final selections are made based on the student's qualifications, past performance, and faculty recommendations. Consideration may also given to the student's financial support needs.

HST students are eligible to apply for TA positions in other departments at MIT. Harvard teaching fellow appointments are structured differently, so MEMP PhD students enrolled at MIT should consult with laurie [at] (Laurie Ward) before accepting a Harvard teaching appointment.

TA appointments are made for the term in which the teaching activities occur. This may include work performed during the actual offering of the course or preparation for teaching that occurs in a term preceding the course offering. TAs for August and January courses are compensated during the next regular term -  fall or spring - of the same year.

TA compensation consists of a salary based on the level of effort assigned to the course, subject to other graduate support limits. In addition, some TAs are eligible for tuition and health insurance benefits. Percentage of support is adjusted according to existing graduate support. 

Questions about HST TA appointments? Ask Laurie Ward in E25-518 at MIT.

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