Students are invited to apply for a limited number of teaching assistantships (TAs) available through HST. 

Opportunities for Teaching Assistantships are posted in TWiHST. We also encourage students to apply for TA positions in other departments at MIT. 

In addition to gaining valuable teaching experience, TAs receive stipend and/or tuition benefits.

Students interested in being TAs should initiate a conversation with the course director/instructor one to two semesters in advance. The director/instructor then makes a recommendation to the HST Academic Office, or their respective academic office, for approval. Final selections are made based on the student's qualifications, past performance, and faculty recommendations. Consideration is also given to the student's financial support situation.

TA appointments can only be made for the term(s) in which the teaching activities occur. This may include work performed during the actual offering of the course or preparation for teaching that occurs in a term preceding the course offering. Because it is not possible to make TA appointments for IAP, TAs for IAP courses will be compensated in the fall and/or spring terms of the same year, as appropriate.