MEMP students interested in teaching should initiate a conversation with the course director and then submit a TA application form. Final selections are made based on the student's qualifications, past performance, and faculty recommendations. 

MEMP students are eligible to apply for teaching positions in other departments at MIT. Harvard teaching fellow appointments are structured differently, so MEMP PhD students enrolled at MIT should consult with laurie [at] (Laurie Ward) before accepting a Harvard teaching appointment.

Teaching Assistantships (TAs)

A full TA position corresponds to an average of 20 hours/week over the course of the appointment period. Compensation for a full TA consists of salary at the HST TA rate, tuition, and health insurance.

Partial TA appointments are utilized when the expected workload is less than 20 hours/week, with the appointment, compensation, and effort all scaled accordingly. For example, a 50% TA appointment corresponds to an average effort of 10 hours/week, and compensation is at half the full TA rate with half the tuition benefit. A MEMP student in good standing who holds a partial TA will also have a partial RA or fellowship that combine to provide full graduate support. 

Additional Teaching Duties

Hourly graduate student employment is available to students with full support from an RA/TA appointment and/or fellowship award who voluntarily take on teaching duties distinct from the responsibilities of their primary appointment(s). Compensation is at an hourly rate, with a maximum of 10 hours/week.

Questions about HST teaching compensation for PhD students? Ask laurie [at] (Laurie Ward) in E25-518 at MIT.


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